Intense competition in the world of furniture from this period do not make Suryacipta Interindo
loss of competitiveness due to Suryacipta Interindo have high quality products
and supported by the image of a good and trusted by clients in many years.
Suryacipta Interindo has the vision and obsession to expand the marketing network
for achieving all major cities in Indonesia and Asia Pacific.

Accurate marketing strategy is always done in obtaining new innovations and opportunities available
in the international market. Quality improvement is important for Suryacipta Interindo to compete
in the globalization. This seriousness is already proven in innovation to get targeted foreign markets.
Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia, the United States and Japan have given their trust to
Suryacipta Interindo for supplying products and was carried out continuously until now.
Success does not make Suryacipta Interindo satisfied, but it made more optimistic
and more confident to apply the new strategy gradually.
The days ahead, it is possible for the company to continue to develop overseas export.