Suryacipta Interindo launched in 1990, located in Tanggulangin-Sidoarjo-Jawa Timur.
In the early of its establishment, Suryacipta Interindo only ran its marketing locally.
As the time passed by as well as achieved experiences and constant quality,
supported by high tech machineries operated by experts,
Suryacipta Interindo is improving very fast year by year.

For optimizing and accelerating the creativity of esthetics and design,
Suryacipta Interindo developed Furniture and Interior Design division named Style.
With is developed to make a harmonious unique color between furniture's shape
and the interior layout of a room.

Uniqueness and varian combination have given a particular characteristics of the company
in the customers point of view which will increase demands on abroad
as an effort to fulfill such blg demands and to maintain the assurance given to the company,
Suryacipta Interindo exports the product overseas.